Roebourne District High School Arts Program

Term 3 of the Western Australian school year Wangaba Roebourne Art Group was invited by the Roebourne District High School to run art classes twice a week for high school students as part of their elective curriculum. On Wednesday 22nd of July 2020 the first class was held at the Girls Academy. This section of our website is where we are going to keep everything relating to the work we do at the RDHS, so please keep an eye on this page, as it will be updated on a regular basis and help us cheer on the students as they show us just how creative they truly are. 

The Wangaba Girls would like to thank RDHS for their invite, allowing us to enter the school and work with these very talented kids. We are truly honoured to be taking part in a small part of their curriculum. With a special acknowledgement to Doctor Iain Browning the school Principle, Mr D, and of course the students. 


Lesson One

22nd July 2020


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Wangaba Roebourne Art Group is a registered charitable oganization. All donations are tax deductable

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