The Wangaba Girls are often out and about and under the careful guidance of former Manager Lesley Murray the idea for this section of the website came about. 

The girls would often attend along with Lesley the Healing Art on Country outings (which will be making a return soon enough) which Lesley would organize along with Val and Kath from Crafty Kitchen. This was a time for the artists and other community members to just sit back and relax, do some fishing, or perhaps some art inspired by where ever the small event was taking place, or simply having a kip beside the seaside.

The Wangaba Girls want to share their experiences in the community with everyone, and so this is the place for that. Not everything that takes place at WRAG headquarters is serious art business. You will see lots of smiles on the girls faces in the photo's we share here, and on our Facebook page. And the smiles only grow wider the more the girls enter into the community, and organize special events to include adults and kids alike. So grab a cuppa, put your feet up, and come on the journey's with us, even if you aren't local. 

Remember to check back often, as the girls always have something to do, and the camera usually isn't far away. 


Flag Raising Ceremony


Elders Birthday 2020


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