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Roebourne District High School approached WRAG prior to the July school holidays about running art classes for the senior high school kids as part of their electives for the year. Of course the Wangaba girls jumped at this opportunity. 

Everyone knows that art is both very healing and therapeutic, hence why so many people take it up as a form of their self healing routines after rather traumatic experiences. 

Art is also an excellent way for a person to truly get in touch with their emotions and begin expressing said emotions in a positive way, 


Soon the chat stopped and the stroking of brushes against canvas began, with the girls truly coming alive with every dash of colour added to their masterpiece. 

This week the young artists tried their hand at acrylic on canvas which is a favourite of many artists with in the art group. 


Lesson one proved to be both thought provoking, and a learning experience with a little art thrown in for good measure. 

The first class was filled with just little women and a few teachers thrown into the mix. The little ladies wanted art classes to be brought back to school, and were certainly very excited to learn that their wishes had indeed become a reality.

Class began with a lot of discussion on what the kids would like to do in the class. Simply painting with acrylic or expanding into other mediums including but not limited to water colours, oils, pastels, pencils, and if anyone wanted to take up sketching as well.


Linda and Danielle both shared stories with Danielle explaining that she isn't an artist, while Linda shared a personal story that ended up leading her to discovering this little hidden talent she has. 

Linda explained that art isn't just about paint on canvas, but it can, often times, things you add to a piece as well. She explained how she has incorporated other things in her pieces like sand, jigsaw puzzles, wax, and so forth. That art is all expressionism, and we all express  ourselves in different ways. 


All too soon the hour and twenty minutes allocated for art passed, and it was time to pack things away and with our budding little artists heading off to their next class, the Wangaba Girls headed back to their office with smiles on their faces already planning the next class.  


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