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Wangaba Roebourne Art Group encourages and supports our Manager, Staff and Volunteers to learn and build new skills and acquire knowledge to work within the community in the arts and culture sector. 

We recognise that invaluable input our team already contributes to Wangaba Roebourne Art Group's knowledge of Community, Country, Artists, Elders and Language. 

Together as a team, our staff and volunteers work hard to assist our artists to create their artworks, so they can tell their stories. They assist in facilitating workshops, promoting our artists in exhibitions and/or commissions, as well as administration duties. 

Wangaba Roebourne Art Group encourages all our staff to gain training through all aspects of learning in this country, including AACHWA's Aboriginal Internship Program and art centre Management training. 

Current Staff:

          ° Linda Daniel Rowlands - Acting Manager

          ° Christina Goodman - Operations Manager

          ° Danielle Geary - Community Liaison Officer


All three carry out their own perspective duties as well as the work an art worker would do, like mixing paints, cutting canvas, delivering supplies, picking up completed pieces, displaying pieces, as well as representing the art group and artists with networking and attending sales.  


Wangaba Roebourne Art Group members are responsible for making the decisions, usually at a meeting on how our corporation is run. It is an important position as decisions usually include: 

          ° who is to be a Director

          ° what programs are to be completed

          ° corporate governance

          ° financial direction and initiatives

          ° services for the artists and community

          ° guiding and supporting the corporations Directors, Staff, Volunteers, and Artists to strive to meet the strategic plan.

Members work together to achieve our common goal - provide direct relief of poverty, sickness, suffering, destitution, and helplessness to all Indigenous people in the Roebourne and surrounding areas through all forms artistic mediums, including but not limited to art and photography. 

For further information on our governance please refer to the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations.

Partnerships and Memberships

Since 2005 Wangaba Roebourne Art Group have developed several strategic partnerships with organisations and businesses. We are proud to maintain an association that is positive and allows further development of our artists and art centre. Our connections demonstrate that Wangaba Roebourne Art Group and our partners are committed to preserving and promoting Aboriginal art and culture. 


Rio Tinto has been instrumental in providing funding for Wangaba Roebourne Art Group. Funding provided to us by Rio Tinto go towards varied uses including operational costs, expansions of art practice and different mediums, art supplies, workshops, all things to help our artists, senior, established, and emerging to continue to grow and expand their own knowledge in order to share their unique and personal stories in greater variety and detail. 

Wangaba Roebourne Art Group looks forward to continuing to build on this partnership into the future, keeping our artists stories alive. 

Woodside Energy places great esteem on Aboriginal Culture and History and as such works closely with the Aboriginal communities in the places Woodside Energy conducts their business. Woodside work extremely hard to continue building and strengthening their relationships with the Aboriginal people in the Pilbara region.

In 2007 Woodside became a party to the Burrup and Maitland Industrial Estates Agreement and further committed to working with local Ngarluma, Yindjibarndi, Yaburara, Mardudhunera and Wong-Goo-Ti-Oo Aboriginal groups. These groups are all stakeholders and advisers who help Woodside continue to responsibly manage cultural heritage, including rock art in the vicinity of the Pluto LNG Park.

The Ngurra Nyingu "We are from this Country" Art Exhibition is a contemporary extension of Woodside's respect for Aboriginal Culture. The exhibit has evolved over the years and showcases the importance of art and culture amongst Aboriginal groups in Roebourne and surrounding communities across the North West Pilbara. Woodside hosts an annual exhibition of the artists works at their head office in Perth. 

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Rio Tinto - Partnership
Woodside Energy - Partnership

Phone: 0459161433  |  Email:  |  Find us at the Ngurin Cultural Centre, Lot 500 Roe Street Roebourne Western Australia 6718

ABN: 83671787225

P.O. Box 23 Roebourne WA 6718

Wangaba Roebourne Art Group is a registered charitable oganization. All donations are tax deductable

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