Flag Raising Ceremony

Roebourne Police Station

18th of June, 2020

The Aboriginal Flag flying for the first time over the Roebourne Police Station (the oldest police station in the Pilbara.)

During the time of #BlackLivesMatter it was truly an honour for the Wangaba Girls to attend the official raising of the Indigenous Flag of Australia at the Roebourne Police Station, never having flown over the historic police station during its 144 years of operations in the Pilbara. 

The ceremony began with a short, but rather moving speech from Senior Sergeant Mark Barratt from Roebourne Police Station. He spoke about how the Western Australian Police have been working towards closing the gap between Indigenous people, and the WA police force, and how he felt, the raising of the flag was just the start towards full reconciliation for Indigenous A Australians.

As I was taking photo's of key moments during this special occasion I just want to point out that I did hear the Senior Sergeant choked up a bit during his speech, which of course managed to bring a few tears to my eyes too. 


Ngarluma Elder Mr Timothy Douglas, his daughter Lorice, and Senior Sergeant Mark Barratt.


Senior Sergeant Mark Barratt of Roebourne Police Station giving his opening speech. 

When Mark was finished with his speech he handed the mic over to Ngarluma Elder Mr Timothy Douglas to do the official Welcome to Country. 

Mr Douglas did the Welcome in both Ngarluma and English, and then added a song which was sung in Ngarluma as well. 

Once the official welcome was completed it was time for the flags to be brought forth. Helping the Senior Sergeant with this was Mr Douglas other daughter Maria Martin-Pedersen a Sergeant in the Australian Army. And the privilege of raising the Aboriginal flag for the very first time was given to Mr Douglas, who did a wonderful job helping the flag to fly proudly above the red dirt surrounding Roebourne, and most importantly above the Ngurin (Harding River) an important source of water for the Ngarluma people, traditional owners of the country surrounding Roebourne. 


Ngarluma Elder Mr Timothy Douglas, his daughter Lorice, Senior Sergeant Mark Barratt, and newly minted Army Sergeant Maria Martin-Pedersen preparing to raise the Aboriginal Flag. 


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