Some of the Elders of Roebourne enjoying their day


Wangaba Manager Linda Daniel Rowlands was full of smiles helping the young kids of Roebourne begin their day with a splash or two of colour. 

The day, while long, proved to be a lot of fun for the Wangaba girls, the kids of Roebourne, and especially the Elders of Roebourne. May we wish all the elders of Roebourne a very Happy Birthday for their day, and for many more years to come. 

Wangaba Director Judith Coppin, not just enjoying the day, but also enjoying the company of two of her great grannies. 


Elders Birthday July 1st 2020

Old Reserve, Roebourne Western Australia

Due to a fire many years ago, a lot of the Roebourne area Elders don't have birth certificates, so the community celebrates the elders birthday each year on July the 1st at the old reserve in Roebourne. This year was the first time the current Wangaba girls attended the elders party as a team. And the team proved to be one of the most popular spots of the day, with kids and adults alike coming to the Wangaba shaded area to try their hand at painting, first on canvas and then on their own, and theirs friends bodies. 


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