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Trading as Roebourne Art Group Aboriginal Corporation

Partnerships and Memberships Continued

Wangaba Roebourtne Art group is in partnership with WT Design Studio in Karratha, who got straight to work on renaming and rebranding with the focus being on 'Wangaba' which translates to 'Alive' in the Ngarluma language. An idea which came via Senior Ngarluma Elder and Artist Nana Violet Samson and then supported by the Board of Directors and standing Chairperson at that time. 

The new artwork which was produced by artist Loreen Samson (a Ngarluma artist from Roebourne) which has since become synonymous with the Wangaba Girls who are always seen out and about wearing their shirts proudly. 

With thanks to our Acting Manager Linda Daniel Rowlands for beginning the process, and our Vice Chair Josephine Samson for following it through to the end, and of course the wonderful Directors and Chairman of NYFL, NYFL became very recent partners with us. 

With NYFL on board we have been able to work towards remodelling and restructuring the inner workings of the art group, while giving us a new, aesthetically pleasing look and home, including space for our new formal art gallery. 

WRAG looks forward to many years of partnership with NYFL. 

IVAIS funding has been used to employ local Aboriginal Artworker/s as well as an Aboriginal Manager (at the time) on a part time basis. The funds have also supported the operations of the art group. This important IVAIS investment enabled the art group to meet all our reporting requirements, as well as to continue operating and supporting our artists.  

We look forward to all future endeavours with IVAIS. 

The 'Healing Art on Country' grant brought Wangaba Roebourne Art Group and the Department of Local Government Sports and Cultural Industry together to encourage and support our artists and the wider community to explore ways of healing in an 'on country' experience. The aim has been to provide an outlet to explore positive methods of healing while strengthening their connection to country and culture. 

The City of Karratha is a recent partnership. The city awarded us a grant to go towards supporting a local Indigenous art worker. We are now looking at support with the city regarding future workshops the art group have in the planning. 

Wangaba Roebourne Art Group looks forward to working closely with the City over the coming years, especially on projects that look towards beautifying the city and surrounds. 


Sodexo came on board as a partner in 2019 to help us repair and maintain the art group vehicle. With their help we are able to continue delivering supplies to our artists, attend sales and of course art exhibtions. 

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Sodexo. 

Wangaba Roebourne Afrt Group continues to maintain our connection to Regional ArtsWA - a peak body for supporting Aboriginal art centres in Western Australia. The purpose of our vital membership is to 'celebrate and strengthen a powerful regional arts sector' to create the vision of 'connected and creative regional communities' making Western Australia a better place to live. Regional ArtsWA are valuable in supporting and mentoring our Managers and Staff. 

Wangaba Roebourne Art Group together with SAM maintain a high commitment to providing high ethics and art administration for the artists. SAM assists us with the management of artists biographies, resumes and exhibition histories. Our artworks and products are catalogued with a Certificate of Authenticity. SAM is a high end cataloguing system and CMS so we are able to keep track of all our art pieces. 


Phone: 0459161433  |  Email:  |  Find us at the Ngurin Cultural Centre, Lot 500 Roe Street Roebourne Western Australia 6718

ABN: 83671787225

P.O. Box 23 Roebourne WA 6718

Wangaba Roebourne Art Group is a registered charitable oganization. All donations are tax deductable

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